Bosch Dryer and Washer Repair In Santa Barbara

Bosch Washer and DryersBosch is a company that has a long standing commitment to quality, something that’s very apparent in their German engineered compact washing machines and dryers, appliances that strike a perfect marriage between beauty and function.
Bosch has designed their appliances, including their washers and dryers, with the idea that they should provide you with a lifetime of use, which they can do. However it’s important to remember that in order to get that much use out of the appliances, they need to be properly cared for, and will from time to time need Bosch dryer and washer repair in Santa Barbara.

We repair all Bosch washing machines and dryers:

  • 24″ Compact Condensation Dryer 800 Series – WTG86402UC
  • 24″ Compact Condensation Dryer 500 Series – WTG86401UC
  • 24″ Compact Condensation Dryer 300 Series – WTG86400UC
  • 24″ Compact Condensation Dryer Ascenta – WTB86200UC
  • 24″ Compact Washer 800 Series – WAT28402UC
  • 24″ Compact Washer 500 Series – WAT28401UC
  • 24″ Compact Washer 300 Series – WAT28400UC

Bosch Dryer Repair

If you’re wondering whether or not you can do your own repairs on your Bosch dryer, you’ll be very pleased to hear that yes, you can. All it really takes is some basic Bosch Dryer Repairknowledge about the various components and how they impact the way your dryer functions, as well as the right tools, and you can settle in for an afternoon repair job.

It’s been our experience that the hardest thing about repairing your own Bosch dryer is getting to the components. The dryers tend to take a bit more effort to dissemble than Bosch washing machines, and you’ll need to be patient, but once you get to the part you need, the rest of the process is fairly simple.

If you don’t think you’re up for the challenge of handling your own Bosch dryer repairs, you should give us a call. You’re going to find that our Bosch dryer repair is a great source for expedient and low-stress repairs. Plus, the experience could prove to be educational for you. You can observe how our expert technicians diagnose and repair the issue, while also asking them plenty of questions so the next time you have a Bosch dryer repair problem on your hands, you will feel better equipped to handle it on your own.

Common Bosch dryer problems include:

  • Broken door latches
  • Blocked vents
  • Wiring problems
  • Burned out motors

Bosch Washer Repair

Bosch Washer RepairThere’s nothing fun about having to load all your dirty laundry into your car so you can haul it to the laundromat where you’ll spend a couple of boring hours all because you haven’t been able to get your Bosch washer repaired. Contacting us about our Bosch washing machine repair in Santa Barbara is the best way of sparing yourself this aggravation. Not only do we provide flexible scheduling that allows you to book an appointment at a time that works perfectly for you, but we also offer same day, emergency service which means you’ll never have to see the inside of a laundromat again, and isn’t that a wonderful thought!

We have a large team of Bosch certified repair experts standing by who are ready and willing to start working on your washing machine. They’ll repair your Bosch washing machine in an expedient fashion and answer any questions you have during the process. Since they won’t use anything other than Bosch certified parts during the repair process, you can rest assured that the repair work will withstand the test of time.

Common Bosch washing machine repair issues include:

  • Machines that fill with water but fail to drain
  • Loud noises or strange smells
  • A failure to extract water from the newly cleaned laundry
  • Electrical shorts
  • The machine won’t spin
  • The temperatures aren’t right
  • The power cord or switch needs to be replaced
  • Leaks
  • Doors that need to be replaced
  • Bosch washing machines that have gotten unbalanced
  • The machine won’t turn on
  • The displays aren’t working
  • Buttons or knobs that need to be replaced

Commercial Appliance Repair Available

Although Bosch washers and dryers are generally used for residential purposes, we’ve encountered some local Santa Barbara businesses who use the brand. If you’re one of those, you should avail yourself of our commercial Bosch appliance repair services. You’ll be very glad you did!

Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate on your Bosch dryer and washer repair.