Affordable, and Reliable Viking Wine Cooler Repair In Santa Barbara

The days when the only people who invested in wine coolers and cellars were bar and restaurant owners are over and done. Thanks to the affordable, elegant, and well-designed Viking wine coolers, Santa Barbara residents are starting to make them a part of their kitchen appliance collection. The way that Viking has designed the wine cooler prevents sediment build-up which can spoil a good bottle of wine while also making sure the wine is perfectly chilled whenever you crave a glass.

Viking Wine Cooler Repair LogoIf you love wine, don’t be surprised if after purchasing a Viking under the counter wine cooler, you find that your collection has grown so much that you need to pick out and install a second one. If you are getting a second wine cooler, or you want to move your current one from one location to another, feel free to call us in to help with the installation.

The choice to go with a Viking wine cooler as opposed to a different brand is a wise one. You really can’t go wrong with Viking appliances. Not only does Viking make extremely well-crafted wine cellars, they have also done an excellent job of making sure they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Most Viking wine cellars feature gorgeous wood rack, have slide out helving, and look great in your home. It’s an appliance you’ll love showing off whenever someone comes to your home for a visit.

Many bars, restaurants, and clubs also rely on Viking wine cellars to keep their wine perfectly preserved and perfectly chilled.

When you opt to add a Viking wine cellar to your residential or commercial appliance collection, you’ll enjoy:

  • Vikings state of the art Tri temp storage system which makes it possible for you to store your wines at three completely different temperatures.
  • You’ll love the flexible storage options the manufacturer has added to each wine cellar
  • Low-intensity interior lighting that doesn’t harm the wine and gives your wine cooler an extra stylish appearance
  • The ability to be creative with the way your favorite bottles of wine are displayed thanks to Viking’s flexible display shelves which can be adjusted for a variety of heights.
  • A forced air cooling system that keeps each bottle of wine perfectly chilled and ready to serve
  • Stainless steel interiors and exteriors
  • Electronic controls that make it easy for your to adjust the digital temperature
  • And more!

In addition to a stunning free standing wine cellar, Viking also makes a stylish and user-friendly under counter model. Currently, the company has two different sizes of under counter wine coolers for you to choose from.

If you enjoy having both red and white wines and plan on storing them in the exact same Viking wine cellar, you will love that Viking created dual zone temp options that allows you to keep both types of wine at the perfect temperature.

When Thing go Wrong with Your Viking Wine Cellar

Viking is a manufacturer who works hard to produce and sell high quality residential and commercial appliance and their wine coolers are no exception. When you add a Viking wine cellar to your life, you can expect to enjoy several problem free years. What you can’t do is assume that the fact that Viking has made a long lasting appliance, that you can expect it to run forever. At this point, such an appliance simply doesn’t exist. It’s likely that a day will come when you reach for a bottle of your favorite Merlot or Rosay and find that they aren’t as cold as they should be. When this happens, it’s time to turn your thoughts to Viking wine cooler and cellar repair. Calling us at this point is the best way to learn exactly what all your options are, and based on the information we provide, decide how you want to proceed.

When you contact us about our Viking wine cooler repair services, you’ll be getting more than a dashed out estimate. You’ll be dealing with a company that has always been, and will always be, completely devoted to providing outstanding customer service and the very best quality appliance repairs. We have a long history of doing everything in our power to make repairing your wine cellar an affordable and stress free experience. The sooner you contact us about your Viking appliance repair problems, the sooner we can start working out how to rectify the situation so you can go back to enjoying your favorite bottle of wine.

Common Viking Wine Cooler Repair Problems

We have been in business for a long time and have noticed that some Viking wine cellar repair problems seem to be more common than others.

Common issues that these particular Viking appliances seem to develop include:

  • The condenser fan making all sorts of noise
  • The unit no longer managing to keep contents cool enough
  • Condenser coil malfunctions

The good news is that there are some pretty basic thing you can do to prevent some of these problems from developing.

Taking the time to properly lube the internal fan a few times a year will help keep it running smoothly and quietly. You’ll find it located at the top of your wine cellar. If the fan has been lubed, yet it continues to make a terrible screeching noise, call us. The problem is most like that a screw has com lose and no some part of the fan is scrapping against the side of the wine cooler. When you call us with this particular problem, we can tighten the screw and have the unit humming along quietly in just a few minutes’ time. We’ll also examine the wine cooler and make sure there aren’t any problems with the other components.

The condenser coil your wine cooler uses is very similar to the condenser coil contained in your refrigerator. This is an important part of your wine cooler that happens to attract all kind of dust, dirt, and pet hair. As these things collect on the coil, the diminish its ability to keep your wine cooler clean. Taking the time to thoroughly clean the unit every couple of months goes a long way towards keeping your wine cellar running smoothly. If you have cleaned the condenser coil and haven’t yet seen an improvement in your wine cooler’s ability to keep your wine chilled, it’s time to contact us. We’ll check out your condenser coil and determine whether or not it’s at the root of your trouble. If it is, we’ll repair or replace it. We have a strict policy of using only factory certified parts. If it’s determined that the condenser coil needs to be replaced, we’ll use the exact same kind of one for the repairs as was originally installed in your wine cooler. The reason we pay so much attention to the type of replacement parts used in each repair we conduct stems from the fact that we’ve found the work we do is only as good as the parts used.

While there’s nothing fun about realizing you’re in need of Viking wine cooler repairs, you’re lucky in that your Santa Barbara address means that our outstanding services are just a phone call away. When you arrange for us to handle your repair needs, you’ll be dealing with some of the best Viking repair experts in the world. We check out every aspect of your wine cooler and then give you a written estimate. You can trust this estimate, we never charge hidden fees and we work hard to keep the final price lower or equal to the amount we said you should prepare for.

The great thing about choosing us over other Viking repair services is that we aren’t simply interested in repairing your wine cooler, we want you to get as much use and enjoyment out of it as possible which is why our Viking repair experts don’t just repair the unit, they also answer your questions and provide you with useful tips pertaining to how you can prevent future problems from occurring. It will be one of the most educational repair experiences you’ve ever encountered. With our assistance, you will drastically extend the number of useful years you get out of your Viking wine cooler while also reducing your overall operating costs.

Should You Involve Yourself in Do-It-Yourself Viking Wine Cooler Repair?

Strictly speaking, you’re free to try handling your Viking cooler repair requirements, but we don’t really advise it, not unless you have a great deal of experience both troubleshooting and repairing Viking refrigeration systems. It’s been our experience that many of the people who try to handle their own repairs, generally in an attempt to save money, often find that they do even more damage to the appliance and end up spending twice what they would have originally on the repair work. When you call and inquire about our appliance repair services, you’ll be surprised at the reasonable nature of our rates.

Why Choose Us?

We know that when it comes to appliance repair, you have lots of options. We also know that we’re your best chance at getting high quality Viking repairs at low rates. We have an entire team of Viking service experts standing by who not only have many, many years’ worth of experience, but who also have a long list of satisfied customers that they’ll be happy to share with you.

When you contact us about our repairs services, you’re going to be astounded by how low we’ve managed to keep our rates. In our case, the low rates don’t mean cheap service, quite the opposite in fact. We’ve managed to keep our rates low by keeping our overhead low while simultaneously providing high quality, reliable Viking wine cellar repairs. Feel free to find out for yourself. Call today and book an appointment. We promise you won’t be disappointed by the experience!

Residential and Commercial Viking Wine Cooler Repair

It doesn’t matter if you’re a resident or business owner, it doesn’t matter what part of town you live in, as long as you have an address in the Santa Barbara zip code and need Viking wine cooler or cellar repair, you’re welcome to use our repair services. We’re also happy to work with any local property managers who have tenants in need of our help.

Why you should Choose Santa Barbara Appliance Repair for your Viking Wine Cooler Repairs

You can look high and low, but you won’t find anybody more qualified to handle your wine cooler repairs than us. We’re the best in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas. When you contact us, you’ll enjoy:

  • Fast service
  • Answers to all your Viking wine cooler questions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Top quality repairs
  • Reasonable rates
  • Factory certified parts

Right now is the best time to contact us about our Santa Barbara Viking wine cooler repair service. By contacting us now, we’ll have your wine cooler up and running by the time you’re ready to kick back with a nice, full bodied merlot. We’re ready and waiting to handle whatever repair challenge you want to throw our way.

Call today to book an appointment!