Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair In Santa Barbara

Wine lovers all over the world will quickly proclaim that one of the greatest inventions in the world is the Sub Zero wine cooler which makes it possible to enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of wine whenever the mood strikes them. And when it comes to wine coolers, it’s hard to find any that are better made than the one’s Sub Zero markets.Sub Zero Wine Cooler Logo

For several years, Sub Zero has been considered the manufacture of the finest refrigeration units available, a reputation that includes the 6 different wine coolers they manufacture. When you purchase one of their wine coolers you know you’re getting a quality storage unit that keeps your wine the perfect temperature and is durable enough to provide you with several years’ worth of use. There are Sub Zero wine coolers that are perfect for both the casual wine connoisseur and for restaurants that sell large quantities of wine.

Sub Zero is sensitive to how unique each person’s needs are which is why they’ve worked hard to create a nice range of wine coolers, making it possible for you to select a model that’s freestanding or on that’s built directly into your Sub Zero refrigerator. Features found on Sub Zero wine coolers include:

  • Touchpad controls designed for easy temperature adjustment
  • Silent compressors
  • Star-K-Kosher certified Sabbath mode
  • Digital displays
  • Lights
  • Alarms

When you find that you need your wine cooler repaired, your best course of action is touching base with us and setting up a Sub Zero wine cooler repair appointment. We have the skills, tools, and parts needed to repair each of the wine coolers the company produces, which include:

  • Sub Zero 315 W Wine Refrigerator
  • Sub Zero 424 Wine Refrigerator
  • Sub Zero 424FS Wine Refrigerator
  • Sub Zero 427 Wine Refrigerator
  • Sub Zero 427R Wine Refrigerator
  • Sub-Zero 430 Built-In, Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

Although the wine coolers that bear the Sub Zero name are durable and very reliable, they’re not perfect and on occasion require Sub Zero wine cooler repair which we’re fully capable of providing. We’ve noticed that a majority of the call we get about Sub Zero wine cooler repair problems seem to revolve around one of three issues: temperature control, lighting issues, humidity problems. While these might seem like critical problems, they do diminish the amount of enjoyment you get from the appliance. Even more importantly a seemingly minor issue might indicate a bigger problem.

Signs that it’s time to invest in Sub Zero wine cooler repair include:

  • You can’t get it to turn on
  • It spontaneously turns itself off
  • The wine isn’t as cool as you would like
  • The compressor is making strange noises
  • It’s leaking

Why You Should Choose Us for your Sub Zero Wine Cooler Repair Needs

Sub Zero wine cooler repair servicesWhen you need Sub Zero wine cooler repair, you’re not going to find a business that’s better equipped to handle the problem than we are. For the past two decades we’ve been the number one appliance repair company in Santa Barbara and during that time we’ve repaired a countless number of Sub Zero wine coolers.

When it comes to repair specialists, you won’t find a better group of talent than ours. In addition to making sure their fully certified to work on Sub Zero appliances, our team is widely experienced, hardworking, and committed to providing high quality repairs. When they come to your home to handle your Sub Zero wine cooler repairs, you’ll be very impressed by their friendly, professional demeanor and their wiliness to answer any questions you have about the repair process.

A long time ago we realized a truth that few other repair businesses seem to have yet discovered. Having a great team of repair specialists doesn’t matter if we have them working with sub-standard equipment which is why we have a very strict policy to never use generic replacement parts. Every single part that gets placed into your wine cooler when we repair it has been certified by Sub Zero. The quality of the parts combined with the talent of our repair experts makes it possible for us to guarantee all of the Sub Zero wine cooler repairs performed by us.

When it comes to Sub Zero wine cooler repair, you won’t find a locally owned company that takes greater pride in their work or who is more devoted to making sure that each Sub Zero wine cooler is in perfect working order.

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