Viking Appliance Repair In Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Appliance Repair has expertise and knowledge to handle all major brands of residential and commercial appliances including those ultra high-end Viking Appliance Repairprofessional kitchen appliances made by Viking.  Viking Range Corporation has grown since the 1980’s offering a vast array of premium kitchen appliances:  refrigerators, dishwashers, ventilation systems, stoves, ovens and even outdoor cooking appliances not only commercially but residential as well.  We provide professional Viking appliance repair for all Viking appliances.

Why Viking Appliance Repair

Viking is a high-end brand that is known for their reliable and dependable appliances but even Viking appliances can wear out or malfunction just like any home appliance would.  Replacing your beloved Viking appliance is a huge expense.  The cost of a Viking appliance is considered to be an investment so when in need, you want to seek out an affordable quality Viking repair service.

When you purchase a brand new Viking appliance you have a parts and services warranty given by the company.  This one year parts and service warranty is entitled to buyers although the guarantee that Viking offers is limited to a hand full of cases and problems.  After your warranty expires the company does continue to offer repair services but it is a hassle and at a premium.  The Viking repair technicians are flat out expensive.  But don’t despair.  If you fell in love with that Viking refrigerator, don’t feel any repairs would break you, call on the experts of Santa Barbara Appliance Repair.

Below are some of the Viking appliances we specialize in:

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Top 5 FAQs About Viking Stove Repair

1. How often should I service my Viking stove?

Answer: Regular maintenance can prolong your stove’s life. It’s recommended to have a professional checkup at least once a year, especially if you use it frequently.

2. Are replacement parts for Viking stoves easily available?

Answer: Yes, Viking has a broad network of suppliers. Always ensure you purchase genuine parts to maintain the stove’s performance and warranty.

3. Can I replace the heating element myself?

Answer: While it’s possible for seasoned DIYers, it’s recommended to hire a professional, especially if you’re unfamiliar with appliance repairs.

4. How do I know if there’s a gas leak?

Answer: A gas smell is the most obvious sign. If you suspect a leak, shut off the gas, ventilate the area, and call a professional immediately.

5. How long does a Viking stove typically last?

Answer: With proper care and maintenance, a Viking stove can last 20 years or more.


Viking stoves are a valuable addition to any kitchen. Knowing how to identify common problems and their solutions can help ensure your stove continues to function optimally for many years. Whether you’re diving into DIY solutions or seeking professional help, always prioritize safety and the longevity of your appliance.

Top Rated Viking Repair Service

You will receive the same caliber of repair service and customer satisfaction by our highly trained professional Viking repair technicians.  Our team of repair technicians have specialized knowledge and training with all Viking appliances.  We feel that we are an authority in any and every appliance made by Viking.

So when your Viking appliance warranty ends or you have an issue not covered by the Viking warranty program are you stumped on what to do or who to call?  No matter the issue, know you can always call on the team of experts at Santa Barbara Appliance Repair.  We offer and follow through with expert professional Viking repair like no other appliance repair shop in Santa Barbara.

Same Day Viking Appliance Service in Santa Barbara California

When you call on us, day or night we will be here ready to take your call.  We offer 24/7, 365 days of service just for you.  One of our trained and friendly customer service representatives will answer your call and ask you a few questions about the issue you are having with your Viking or any other brand appliance.  This will help to identify the problem and help our knowledgeable technician to prepare for his visit with you and your appliance.  Your technician will arrive on time and operate in a professional manor.  Our technician will use new and factory recommended parts.  You will receive the same level of excellence as you would from a Viking repair technician just at a fraction of the cost.

Not matter the problem with your Viking appliance, a missing knob, replacement of hardware or troubleshooting electrical or mechanical components of your Viking appliance we will find the problem and fix it.   Call Santa Barbara Appliance Repair today.  Our staff and technicians are ready to help get you and your Viking appliance back in business.

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Reviewer: Ruby Reyes –

The burners on my Viking range kept clicking and would not turn off so I called these guys to come take a look. The technician diagnosed the range and said had to replace a part, went outside and brought the new ORIGINAL part from his truck. Replaced it and now my range works like new again. The whole experience was painless.