Viking Warming Drawer Repair In Santa Barbara

Compared to other popular brands of kitchen appliances, the Viking brand is merely a babe. The company was founded by Fred Carl in the mid 1980’s. When the first Viking kitchen appliances hit the market, people instantly fell in love with the brand. The high-quality construction, user-friendly designs, and stunning use of the most recent technology have made Viking brand appliances one of the most popular brands on the current market. Viking warming drawers maintain the tradition of being an attractive, well-designed, user-friendly appliance.

Viking Warming Drawer LogoIf you don’t already have a Viking warming drawer in your home and have decided that it’s something you want to add, Viking is a great brand to start out with. The company currently produces and sells 12 different types of warming drawers. You’ll love how each one has a different design and a different style, allowing you to find something that perfectly suits your needs and desires.

If you have a Viking warming drawer, it’s likely you don’t spend much time thinking about it. It’s simply something you use whenever you need to keep a plate of food warm until the food is ready to be eaten. It’s likely that you don’t even think about or realize how frequently you use the warming drawer. All of that changes the day you put something in the drawer and discover that the formally reliable appliance is no longer working properly. At this point you start to think about how much you love the appliance and wonder how you’re supposed to get through the day without it. Rather than panicking when you need Viking warming drawer repair, you should contact us. We’re the number one Santa Barbara appliance repair business and we have everything needed to get your warming drawer up and running again.

Two of the different types of Viking warming drawers include:

VEWD Custom Warming Drawer

This is a very nicely built, heavy duty Viking warming drawer that’s a great choice for anyone who wants a good quality warming drawer in their kitchen, but who doesn’t want to bother with all sorts of bells and special features. This particular warming drawer has several interesting special features that you’ll like, including:

  • An extra powerful heating element
  • Temperature settings
  • Handy indicator lights
  • And more!

RDEWD Warming Drawer

Residents and business owner who are in search of a hardworking, high performance warming drawer that also happens to be user friendly will be very happy with the RDEWD Viking warming drawer. We constantly get reports from people who have stocked their kitchen with the RDEWD Viking warming drawer that the appliance is so well made that Viking warming drawer repairs are rarely needed and that they’ve enjoyed many long years of use out of this particular model.

Viking Warming Drawers Repair Concerns

It really is incredible how well made Viking warming drawers are. It’s actually quite rare for us to here from someone who needs emergency work done on the appliance. While repairs are rare, they do occasionally happen. It’s been our experience that when you use a good quality repair service such as ours, springing for Viking warming drawer repairs is a smarter financial move than purchasing an entirely new unit. If you suddenly find yourself in need of our warming drawer repair services, you shouldn’t panic. We can’t wait to work on your warming drawer.

One of the things we find most interesting about the warming drawers made by Viking is that with a vast percentage of the calls we receive, the repairs aren’t the result of a component wearing out, but rather something happening to the interior or exterior of the appliances, such as it getting banged or something getting spilled inside or it. Whether your warming drawer was damaged in an accident or one of its parts has gone wonky, you can count on use to do whatever it takes to get the drawer running again. We have an entire team of Viking repair experts standing by who have the tools, knowledge, and resources to repair your warming drawer. You won’t believe how fast and accurately we work.

Viking Warming Drawer Maintenance

An important factor that determines how frequently you avail yourself of our warming drawer repairs is how well you care for the warming drawer. The better you care for it, the more years of problem free use it will grant you.

The first aspect of good Viking warming drawer maintenance is using a warm, damp cloth to clean the interior and exterior of the appliance after it’s done being used for the day. Once you’ve removed crumbs and grease droplets, use a soft, dry cloth, like a shammy, to dry the interior.

At least once a year, and more if you use the warming drawer heavily, you’ll need to set aside some time to replace the drawer’s silicon. Some people find this an easy task while other’s struggle with it. Don’t worry if replacing the silicon isn’t your favorite job. We’re more than willing to do it for you.

You should also make plans to have us come to your house at least once a year to inspect the warming drawer. We look for worn out parts that might break down soon and replace them. We’ll also provide you with all sorts of useful tips that will help you get even more use out of your warming drawer while simultaneously extending the number of useful years it has in its future.

How well you take care of your appliance will be a key factor in both how frequently you require emergency warming drawer repairs and how many years of service the appliance gives you.

Feel free to either use the online booking from (it’s free!) or to call us and book a maintenance appointment for you Viking warming drawer.

Avoiding Viking Warming Drawer Repair Crises

Believe it or not, it’s really not all that difficult to keep your Viking warming drawer running smoothly. Really, the only thing you need to do is use some common sense.

When you first purchase your Viking warming drawer, don’t even think about installing it yourself. If you try to handle the installation on your own, you will come to hate the decision. It’s far better to let the professionals handle the installation. By having the pros install the appliance, you not only know that it’s installed properly, but it also means that if it’s damaged during the installation process, you haven’t done anything to violate Viking’s warranty.

Take the time to read your owner’s manual before you start to use your warming drawer. Reading the manual might not be the most exciting thing you’ve ever done, but it will prevent you from making a silly, and potentially expensive, mistake that will require Viking warming drawer repairs.

Let your kids know that your new kitchen appliance is for adult use only, and not something for them to play with. A shocking number of the Orange County Viking warming drawer calls we receive are about an appliance that was damaged after the owner’s kids played too rough with. Not only does not letting them play with the appliance extend its life, it also reduces the odds of your kids getting burned. If you must let your kids use the warming drawer, make sure you watch them closely the entire time.

Never hang anything heavier than a pot holder on any of the knobs or handles.

If your floor gets wet, the first thing you need to do is unplug the warming drawer. You don’t want the power source to get wet which can trigger electrical problems that could result in your entire warming drawer needing to be rewired. Don’t plug the drawer back in until the floor, the outlet, and the plug are completely dry. It’s not a bad idea to unplug the warming drawer whenever you’re not using it. Not only does this prevent the plug from getting soaked in an accident, but also reduces the odds of the appliance being subjected to a random electrical surge.

Before cleaning the appliance’s interior, unplug the warming drawer.

Never put any type of closed container in you Viking warming drawer. The steam build up will eventually create an explosion that could do a great deal of damage to the warming drawer. Don’t attempt to put a container wrapped in plastic wrap in the warming oven either. As the interior grows warmer, the wrap will melt and damage the appliance.

When you choose the spot in your kitchen where your warming drawer will go, keep it well away from the sink. The last thing you need or want is for the appliance to get a good soaking because someone got a little wild while washing dishes.

Your warming drawer isn’t intended to be used for storage so avoid doing this. We’ve lost count of the number of warming drawers we’ve repaired that were damaged by an item someone tried to store inside of it.

Business owner need to make sure that their employees have been instructed on the proper and safe way to use the warming cabinet.

Check the ducts once or twice a day and make sure they’re free of obstructions.

When you open the drawer, don’t jerk the door open all the way with a single smooth pull. You want to open it a small space to let the steam escape. Make sure you keep your face, hands, and hair away from the billowing steam. Once there’s no more steam, you can open the drawer and withdraw your food. It won’t take long for the steam to dissipate.

Residential Viking Warming Drawer Repair

Just a short while ago people thought that microwaves would permanently replace warming drawers and even than the appliances were generally considered a commercial or luxury appliance, yet despite all that, the day has finally come when a surprisingly large percentage of the Santa Barbara community has a warming drawer in their residence and most can’t imagine life without it. Not only do they find the drawer a great way to keep one dish warm while they finish preparing the rest of the meal, they also enjoy the fact that the warming drawer keeps the food warm and toasty without making it soggy which is what happens when it’s microwaved.

If you love your Viking warming drawer you want it to be cared for by the very best and that’s exactly what Santa Barbara Appliance Repair is, the best Viking appliance repair service.

Commercial Viking Warming Drawer Repair

Santa Barbara residents aren’t the only ones that benefit from our outstanding Viking appliance repair services. Business owners also benefit. Reasons local business owners always call us when they need an appliance repaired includes:

  • Our same day, emergency service
  • The fact that we complete the repair work without disrupting the work routine, the employees, or the customers
  • The fact that our repairs last
  • Our low rates
  • Our willingness to repair appliances on both weekends and major holidays.

In addition to repairing your commercial appliances, we also handle any maintenance work you need to have done.

Our outstanding Orange County Viking warming drawer repair and maintenance services extend to Santa Barbara property managers as well!

Don’t forget that you can count on us to handle your appliance maintenance as well.

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