Santa Barbara Appliance Repair

In all matters pertaining to refrigerator repair in Santa Barbara we’re unable handle. We’re ready to tackle every single repair emergency that comes our way. We have the training, tools, factory certified parts, and experience needed to repair all makes and models and can do everything from replacing resolve refrigerator door seals to adjust the cold/heat flow system in various appliances. We repair everything from heating and cooling systems to commercial ice makers, to residential range hoods. Thanks to our repair service, you don’t have to worry about losing an entire weeks’ worth of groceries, sky high utility bills, or leaking washing machines.

We service the next zip codes in this area — 93101, 93102, 93103, 93104, 93105, 93106, 93107, 93108, 93109, 93110, 93111, 93116, 93117, 93118, 93120, 93121, 93130, 93140, 93150, 93160, 93190.

Washing Machine Repair

Whether your washing machine fails to extract water at the end of a cycle, or it no longer drains, or it’s leaking all over your laundry room floor, we’re ready to resolve the matter today. We have a reputation for providing the highest quality, on site washer repairs in Santa Barbara.

Dishwasher Repair

There’s no end to the dishwasher repairs we can handle. We deal with everything from strange noises, to foul odors, to water spraying everywhere whenever you turn it on, we’re the people who can correct the problem for you. Since establishing ourselves in Santa Barbara we’ve resolved thousands of dishwasher repair problems. We’re confident we can handle yours. The dishwasher repair isn’t complete unless you’re happy with the results.

Dryer Repair

It’s the first instinct of most people to replace the current dryer with with a brand new one when the one they’re using develops problems such as strange smells, damaged door latches, or refusing to start. We’ve got to say, it’s not a very efficient way of dealing with the issue. It’s our experience after years of serving the Santa Barbara area, that a simple dryer repair will provide you with years of additional use from your dryer and you’ll save a ton of money. We have everything needed to get your dryer up and running.

Our dryer repair services include:

  • Repairing broken starter switches
  • Replacing all the thermal fuses
  • Troubleshooting the dryer mechanism and identifying why it’s not working
  • Resolving ventilation issues
  • Replacing broken door latches

Oven Repair

Home cooked meals taste better than anything you get from a restaurant and more often than not, the meals you prepare in your oven will be healthier too! We know how disappointing it is to get home with plans to cook a favorite dish only to be unable to because the oven isn’t working. Rather than purchase a new one or resolve yourself to eating out for a week or two, give us a call. Our oven repair experts are standing by and can’t wait to fix your oven. With our same day emergency service, you won’t even miss a meal. We repair both commercial and residential ovens!

Stove Repair

Don’t be fooled by your stove’s simple appearance. It’s a complex bit of machinery. Something you’ll quickly learn when you try to do your own repairs. Rather than get yourself into a situation you’re not prepared to handle, touch base with us. We’re happy to repair the stove for you and at a price you’ll love.  We’re more than happy to do the work for you. Contact us about our stove repair service, you’ll learn we can repair anything, including:

  • All Range hoods
  • Installing new replacement burners
  • Gas leaks
  • Auto ignition switch replacement
  • Replacing faulty controls
  • Stoves with jammed or broken temperature controls
  • Heating elements that have burned out
  • Stoves with electrical shorts
  • Pilot ignition replacement
  • Troubleshooting and repairing broken sensors
  • And more!


Should You Replace Your Appliances

Trying to decide if it’s best to replace or repair an appliance isn’t an easy decision but it’s one that only you can make. Things you need to take under consideration include the current age of the appliance as well as its overall condition. What we can say is that it’s been our experience that in most cases, the amazing quality our repair work, and our low, low prices, repairs are often more economical than our customers expect. The best way to determine whether or not you should replace or repair your faulty appliance is to contact us and get one of our estimates. The estimate is free and you are under no obligation to follow through with any repairs. You can trust the estimate you’re given. It covers the total cost of the repairs needed on your appliance. We’re a appliance repair company that never, ever charges hidden.

When to Contact Us

It’s in your best interest to contact us as soon as you notice something isn’t quite right with one of your residential or household appliances. You should not continue to use the appliance and hope that the matter resolves itself. The only thing continued use does is increase the amount of repair work we’ll eventually have to do.

You can contact us 24/7. Not only do we offer same day emergency appliance repair, but we also can handle repairs on the weekends and all major holidays. All you have to do is book an appointment.

When you contact us about our appliance repair, and fall in love with the best most appliance repair team in California. Each member of our repair staff, is dedicated to quality appliance repair and doesn’t believe in taking short cuts. Their ability to do great things with appliances along with the factory certified parts makes us comfortable guaranteeing the work we do.

All you have to do to enjoy great appliance repair in Santa Barbara is pick up the phone and reach out to us. We look forward to working with you.