Viking Undercounter Refrigerator Repair In Santa Barbara

As the leading appliance repair service, we tend to notice different appliance trends throughout the city. Recently it came to our attention that more and more local businesses and residents have added a Viking under counter refrigerator or beverage center to their collection of appliances. During our routine repair rounds throughout the city, we find these small, handy fridges being used in bedrooms, offices, studies, apartments, dorms, and even garages and tool sheds. Based on the number of under counter fridges we’ve come across lately, we don’t think it will be long before there is one in almost every Santa Barbara house.

Viking Undercounter Refrigerator Repair logoWe haven’t been the least bit surprised to find that most of the under counter fridges we’ve encountered in Santa Barbara have been designed and produced by the Viking Company. It has always been our belief that Viking makes some of the finest standard fridges on the market, so it’s reasonable to assume that they are under counter models will be just as nice. When we asked our customers why they opted to add a Viking beverage center or under counter fridge to their life, their list of reasons included everything from the stylish appearance to the unit’s functionality. Since we have found the brand to be very user-friendly, easy to maintain and long lasting, we feel our customers have made a wise choice.

It is important to note that while Viking makes a truly outstanding product, their under counter fridges and beverage centers aren’t infallible. Such an appliance doesn’t exist. The longer you own your micro fridge, the greater the odds become of it requiring our Viking under counter fridge repair services.

Viking Undercounter Refrigerators Options

When they opted to create four different types of under counter refrigerators, Viking proved how well they understand that each of their customers has different needs and requirements. By creating four different types of under counter fridges and making each one just a little different from the other three, Viking made it possible for a wide assortment of people to find exactly what they were looking for.

Viking under counter fridges range in size from a 15” version that’s great for dorm rooms and tiny studio apartments. If you’re looking for something you can use to handle the surplus whenever your standard size fridge is full, you will love the 24” mini-fridges Viking has created. Once you have purchased your first under counter fridge or beverage center, you’ll find lots of different ways and places it can be used.

In a pinch, you can even use the under counter fridge as a replacement for your standard fridge, though you will need to be prepared to deal with significantly less storage space.

While the Viking under counter fridges are nice, we have noticed that they’re prone to a few different repair issues.

Don’t let the thought of repairing your Viking fridge scare you away from using it. Most of the repair issues connected to these types of appliances are quite minor and can be easily remedied. Best of all, the fact that you’re located in Santa Barbara, Galota, Santa Maria, Carpinteria, Montecito or any of the surrounding cities,  means you can take advantage of our Viking repair services and enjoy reliable and affordable repairs.

Common Viking Undercounter Refrigerator Repair Problems

We’ve worked with enough Viking underground fridges to know that they have are more likely to develop some repair issues than others.

Common Problems

For some reason, this particular brand of under counter fridges are particularly prone to electrical problems. We get lots of calls from people who can’t get their fridge to turn on. When our experienced Viking refrigeration expert arrives on the scene, they usually find that the problem is a blown fuse, which is easily corrected. The real problem is that sometimes the fuse gets blown over and over again. This is a sign that there’s a bigger problem. Sometimes the problem turns out to be that the electrical outlet the unit is plugged into is experiencing power surges and the fuse gets blown in an attempt to protect the Viking under counter fridge. Other times, we’ve found that the problem is that the unit itself has somehow develop a short within its own wires. The good news is that we can rewire the mini fridge and have it running again in no time at all. One we’ve done this; you shouldn’t have any more blown fuses.

Another problem we frequently encounter when working on Viking under counter fridges and beverage centers is problems with the temperature setting, which results in the unit running too hot or too cold. In most cases, the cure is simply readjusting the settings, but sometimes the problem is caused by a broken thermostat that we’ll replace. Once this is corrected, your fridge will go back to working at optimal temp.

We’re pleased to report that it’s been our experience that a majority of the calls we receive from customer who have started to experience problems with their Viking under counter fridge don’t involve faulty or poorly made Viking appliances, but a simple case of the unit being so loved and getting used so heavily, that the parts simply wear out.

The best way to prevent yourself from ever having to make an emergency Viking under counter fridge repair appointment is by giving you fridge or beverage center some goo TLC, which includes having us come out once and year to inspect the unit. We’ll make sure all the components are clean and in good shape. If we see something we feel could become a problem, we’ll alert you to the situation so you can decide if you want to have the part repaired or replaced. While our Viking appliance repair gurus are examining your fridge and making sure it’s in perfect working order, they’ll also provide you with all sorts of useful advice about how you can better care for your fridge and extend its usability by several years.

While you’re free to tackle Viking under counter fridge by yourself, it’s not something we advise you do unless you have a strong understanding of how the unit works, the right tools, and Viking certified replacement parts. Although these small fridges and beverage centers might appear simple while you’re looking at them, something you should be easily able to tinker with, most people find that as a result of all the special features Viking used when crafting the appliance, the do it yourself repairs are actually quite complicated. As a result, many owners who attempt their own repairs actually make the situation worse.

When Should You Contact Us

The best time to contact us isn’t after months of struggling to make your Viking under counter fridge work properly. The best time to touch base with us and let us know that there’s a problem is as soon as you suspect something isn’t quite wrong with your Viking sub-fridge. By contacting us right away and getting us to check out the problem, you decrease the amount of potential damage the appliance sustains. When it comes to appliance repair, the general rule of thumb is that the sooner you call, the better.

Keep your Undercounter Fridge by Viking Running Smoothly

Even though Viking builds their appliances to last, they aren’t destructible. One of the biggest things that bothers these appliances is pet hair and dust. The more pet hair and dust build up on the coils, the harder your little fridge has to work and the sooner it will start to experience problems and eventually stop working altogether. Not only does the buildup of pet hair and dust cause the mini-fridge to wear out, but it also makes the unit work harder, which in turn means you’re using more

You Need Appliance Repair Services

You took the time to select and purchase a high quality small Viking beverage center or refrigerator and you fell in love with it. Considering all of this, it really doesn’t make sense to invest in low quality, sub-standard appliance repairs that are likely to do more damage than good to your appliance. In the long run, your best option is using our top quality Viking appliance repair services. Our repair team will care for your little Viking fridge the same way they care for their own. Not only do we offer the highest quality appliance repairs in Santa Barbara, but we also have the most affordable rates.

When you contact us, either by calling or filling out the online form, you can rest assured that your Viking under counter fridge is in good hands. We’ve set up our prices and services in such a way that you’ll receive the biggest bang for your buck when you choose us. Not only do we always use Viking certified replacement parts, but we also have a large team of Viking refrigerator repair experts who have years and years’ worth of training and experience. When one of our repair geniuses knocks on your door, you know your mini-Viking fridge is in good hands. We guarantee it!

When you book an appliance repair appointment for your Viking under counter fridge, you can rest assured that the repair expert who knocks on your door will be professional, highly trained, prompt, and polite. They will also come with all the tools and parts needed to complete the task. Our Viking appliance repair team is made up of a group of perfectionist who won’t stop working on your micro fridge until your completely happy with the results.

The Repair Process

The first step of the Viking under counter fridge repair process is you contacting us. This can be done one of two ways. You can choose to use the online appointment booking form we’ve provided on our website, or you can give us a call. No matter what time of the night or day you contact us, you will connect with a live person.

After listening to your description of your Viking under counter fridge and the issues it has developed, arrangements will be made to have the most qualified member of our team come to your Santa Barbara home or business and inspect the fridge. Once the problem has been identified, you’ll receive an estimate. Don’t assume that the low estimate indicates that we’ll fill the final invoice with all sorts of hidden costs and fees. That’s not how we do business. The estimate is low because we have worked hard to keep our rates affordable. No matter what happens during the repair appointment, we promise to honor the estimate we provided. If you decide you want to shop around before committing yourself to our services that’s great. If you do and you’re given an even lower estimate, let us know and we’ll match it.

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