Kenmore Refrigerator Repair In Santa Barbara

Kenmore Appliance Repair LogoThe idea of trying to get through even a single day without the use of your Kenmore fridge is more than most people can bear. Even if you have a small fridge that you can use as a backup for a few days, the malfunctioning unit will weigh on mind until it’s all you can think about. The good news is that our Kenmore fridge repair specialists can help. For more than 20 years we’ve been working hard make sure every single one of our customer’s refrigerators is restored to perfect working order before a single one of their groceries has to be thrown out. This is made possible by our same day, emergency repairs which we urge all of our customers to take advantage of.

Repair or replace your Kenmore fridge?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should avail yourself of our Kenmore refrigerator repair services or run out and buy a new model, you should know that these thoughts are perfectly natural, the result of living in a society that has developed a throwaway attitude. However, before you run to your favorite Santa Barbara appliance store, we urge you to stop and consider a few things.

  • Our Kenmore refrigerator repair service is very high quality, the best in the state. Between the expertise of our Kenmore repair specialists and the factory certified parts we use in each repair, we should be able to provide you with several more years of use out of your current fridge.
  • We have worked hard to keep the cost of the Kenmore fridge repair reasonably priced. Not only do we have low Kenmore fridge repair rates, but we are also happy to meet the price of anyone in the Santa Barbara area that provides you with a lower estimate.
  • We have same day emergency service. We’re also happy to come to your home or business and handle the repairs on both weekends and holidays. In other words, we can have your Kenmore fridge repaired in less time than it would take you to drive to the appliance store.

Contact us today for a free estimate, which will be useful as you determine what your best course of action should be.

What We Do!

The easiest answer to the question, what do we do, is that we extend the number of usable years you get out of your Kenmore fridge, and we do this by making sure each Kenmore Refrigerator Repairrepair is absolutely perfect. We refuse to settle for anything less. When you contact us about our Kenmore fridge repair you’ll be delighted to find yourself working with a locally owned business that’s devoted to providing you with the highest quality repairs. You won’t find another repair business in the county who provide you with better repairs or customer service.

Our business philosophy is quite simple. The customer is our very first priority. We treat each person who contacts us about Kenmore fridge repair as the most important person in the world, which is easy, since in that moment you are.

Our Staff

We could not have become the best Kenmore fridge repair without the help of our truly outstanding repair team. They’re the most experienced and highly trained group of refrigerator repair experts and we couldn’t be more proud of them. They work quickly, accurately, show up to appointments on time, and will happily answer any questions you have about the work they’re doing.

Don’t Worry About Hidden Fees

We have never understood why some appliance repair shops quote one price for a project and then add all kinds of hidden fees to the final invoice. We assure you, we would never do such a thing. When you first contact us about our Kenmore fridge repair, you’ll get a free estimate, which we will honor. The final bill might be less than the estimate, but it will never be more.

Immediate Repairs

Your weekly groceries cost more today than they ever have before, you don’t want to have to throw them away and we don’t want you to either! This is why we provide same day, emergency service which makes it possible for us to resolve whatever issue your Kenmore fridge has developed before any of your food spoils.

Contact us today!