Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

When you own a house there are many things that you need to learn about in order to keep your home in working order. On your list of chores, maintaining appliances might be at the top of your list. There will likely be some issues that come up with your appliances that will require a professional, but when you think you can fix it yourself here are some Kitchen Aid refrigerator maintenance tips to help you avoid calling out for refrigerator repair.

Not Cold EnoughKitchenAid Refrigerator

One of the most common things people search for when researching KitchenAid refrigerator maintenance tips is an issue with the temperature of the appliance. Perhaps the freezer isn’t cold enough or the refrigerator is too cold. If the refrigerator is not cold enough there are a few different issues that you should look at. The first thing that you should do is check your compressor coils to verify that they are not dirty. If the coils seem clean, you should start looking the different fan motors to see if they are working properly.

Water Dispenser Not Working

Another problem that may be helped by searching for KitchenAid refrigerator maintenance tips is the issue of the water or ice dispenser not working properly. For some people, it may be only one or the other not working, but in some cases you may have issues with both. There are three different parts that you examine to see if they are defective and causing the issue with dispensing ice and water. The first two parts to check are the dispenser switch and the door switch. You should check both with an Ohm meter to see if they are working correctly. If they check out fine, the issue is likely the main control board.

Refrigerator Leaking

If those are not your problem you might be one of the many people who need KitchenAid refrigerator repair tips on how to stop your refrigerator from leaking. This is a very annoying issue, but thankfully it is most likely just the defrost drain. Often times the drain becomes clogged with debris or freezes with water in the drain. Check out the back of your freezer to see if the problem is with your defrost drain.

Refrigerator Making Noises

Finally, the one other common complaint that sends people searching for Kitchen Aid refrigerator maintenance tips is that their appliance is noisy or loud. Of course, we all expect some appliances to be loud at some point, but if your refrigerator is all of the sudden louder than normal or is making a noise of some sort out of the blue, then it is time to get something fixed. The first thing you need to look at on your refrigerator is the fan blade. If you notice the noise gets louder when you open the door to your refrigerator, then you should have this part replaced. There could be other things causing the noise, but make sure that you verify that your fan blade is working properly before you assume it is a more expensive issue.